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Czech Television - Babylon

(ČT - 2014) Siaka Shabba Tiote comes from Côte d 'Ivoire. He came to the Czech Republic 11 years ago, just for a vacation. He met his current wife Petra in Ostrava, at Stodolná, in the Afrikana bar and decided to stay in the Czech Republic. They had a wedding 10 years ago. Although he completed his university studies at the university, in the first years he had to deal with his knowledge of speech and earned a living as a bouncer and night porter. Later he started teaching French at the grammar school in Bílovec. He also lived here until last year with his wife and two sons - William Jamal at the age of 4 and Ramon Isaac at the age of 7. A few years ago, he started a business and in order to be closer to his business partners, the family moved to a family house in Morava region.